PPC consumables are manufactured using high quality materials and components, to deliver:

  • Premium print quality
  • Reliability
  • Outstanding colour reproduction.

With the technical, engineering expertise and resources of our parent company BMP Europe, which includes, remanufacturing and component design, we understand how important quality is. We carry out our own rigorous testing of all components for reliability and performance before releasing them into the market to ensure we meet our customers' expectations.

Innovative product development
and quality assurance

We form long term partnerships and close working relationships with reliable and innovative manufacturers who manufacture products to our specifications.

PPC solutions experienced sales team work closely with our customers to identify future products requirements. Our close association with the manufacturers and involvement in product development enables us to offer compatible products for the most recent models that closely meet the requirements of our customers.

All our products have been extensively tested for full compatibility and performance with the machine models for which they are specified.

Qualifications test for toner include:

  • Yield test according to industry standards
    • Our products meet or exceed the OEM's yield specifications
  • Densitometric measurement
  • Full compatibility and reverse compatibility with OEM toners
  • Interaction with other machine components
    • Toners are tested to their full life and to the full life of other key machine components (such as imaging units) to ensure that no premature wear or damage to the equipment may arise.

Quality control and technical support

We have in-house testing capabilities to compare and validate the performance of different products as part of our sourcing process.

Our product support specialists are available to help address technical queries and when required, we can call on the extensive expertise of our parent company BMP Europe.

We conduct random checks on samples of production on a regular basis to ensure our products conform to our agreed specifications.

Our products are batch numbered to provide full traceability of our stock.