PPC is committed to a comprehensive program of recovery, recycling, recharging and remanufacture

Preserving the world's finite resources will become an important challenge for manufacturing companies in future years. PPC is already closely committed to working with its customers and suppliers to identify opportunities for reusing cartridges. We actively encourage supplier participation at component design stage in order to identify environmentally friendly raw materials which can be easily recycled.

Many of PPC's products are consumables being replaced by end users or service engineers following a pre-determined life cycle. In many cases this can be re-used. PPC is focused on helping you recover these assets and turn environmental responsibility into sound business economics.

In addition to benefiting the environment in the form of reduced waste, remanufacturing also helps our customers become more profitable by lowering costs.

For further details on our recycling programme, please complete the online enquiry form and we will send you more information.